I had a problem, my Mission 733 speakers have worn cones. The conus dries out after time.

The cabinets where in perfect condition so I went on the interwebs to find a recone kit for them, I failed big time, it seems that they are not for sale or I could not find them.

Seems that no one produces a recone kit for the Mission 73-LF58W chassis.

On eBay there are several people that sell them used, but at a very high price. And they have the same problem, the conus is not in the best condition anymore

We ordered Monacor SPM-165/8 but I did not receive them yet, I also ordered the Dynavox 165mm Bas-midrange speaker for Mission 733.

I will try those as well en edit my blogpost when I’m done testing

After some hours of searching I found another solution, the Visaton VS-WS17E/8

The only problem with the Visaton is that it needs some modification to the cutout, the gap is 143mm and the speaker is 148mm so it needs some modification.

Since I have my own webshop in Harley Aftermarket parts, I decided to add the product to this shop so people can buy this product from Amazon in their country.

I have to wait a week before I get them, but I will post my comment on them when I have fitted them into my Mission 733 speaker.

Find the info on this Visaton speaker here: 73-LF58W Replacement

After a while I received all the speakers, and they all need some modification.

The fastest way to get you Mission 73-LF58W replaced is by ordering the Monacor SPM165/8 ones.

The only thing you have to do is to remove the foam surrounding and the speakers will fit perfect


Conclusion: Go for the Monacor SPM165/8 at the time I ordered them they were available at the eBay store LTT Versand